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Mother’s Day; Review

Last week’s Mother’s Day meet up at Jones the Grocer was characterized by simplicity, genuine conduct, and mostly memorable moments. I was delighted to meet amazing moms who have and still are putting a lot of effort on their inner growth and tending to all their ever-lasting duties as moms and successful women of the society.

As we enjoyed our healthy Mommy Menu presented by Jones the Grocer, we discussed our daily motherhood experiences, shared a few stories, planned on having new meetings, and most importantly got to know each other more.

meet up plate

I was pleased to have had a full house where we all enjoyed taking photos captured by the adorable Mrs. Kawa (rachahallakphotography) whose patience, love, and talent are what make her such a brilliant photographer. The mother’s day frame made by Miss Baz which was specifically designed for this special occasion, added an extraordinary touch to the whole ambiance.


After the raffle draw, all the attending moms left with a tiny souvenir composed of a personalized helicoptermommy mug and a bag of a mouth-watering Jone’s truffles specifically made for the occasion. There was even one little lucky winner who got an Easter basket from Jones the Grocer.

IMG_5027I would like to thank all the remarkable moms who attended, Lena Zumba, Rachahallakphotography, Ella Spa, Layan Emirates Gifts, and Jones the Grocer for all the wonderful vouchers and gifts given to the winners.

Head over to thehelicopterymommy facebook page to see the rest of the photos, and tag your friends to share those special moments together.

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Embracing Womanhood

Being a woman, whether single, married, a mother, employed or not, places a huge responsibility on her shoulders. March is a month for all the amazing women who have contributed to the lives of hundreds of people. It could simply be related to family members or extended to the other side of the globe and across the oceans. Being a woman is a gift by itself despite all the pain she endures, the sacrifice she makes, and the commitment she constitutes. What is more special is that she consumes her energy with absolute love and unconditional devotion. The beauty of her body’s composition to conceive and create the miracle of life – a whole new being – is by itself a marvel.

Last month I attended a workshop organized by Mrs. Esraa Bani, founder and CEO of momsguidead, and presented by Saman Hussain noetic coach. The main discussion revolved around the leading elements of self-renewal. It was a fulfilling experience as it helped me visualize myself and rediscover my inner peace. In fact it was a blissful moment as Ms. Hussain made us meditate and unearth our inner selves.

I do not know if it is by chance or as Kaldera says, “There is no such thing as coincidence, I say. It is synchronicity”, but I was in the process of reading Black Milk by Elif Shafak. In her book, Shafak describes all of those inner voices we possess as women; the rational, the mother, the daughter, the ambitious, the believer, the career women, and the list is endless. I remember that when I embarked the journey of motherhood almost 11 years ago, I particularly discussed this issue with my own mother and shared with her the various ways I perceived my multiple roles as a person. I am the wife, the friend, the daughter, the cook, the house cleaner, the teacher, the chauffeur and I do not know what other roles I might also uptake as I proceed with my life. And yes, the list is still adding up, as these tiny voices continue to contribute in my life. However, out of all the titles I have had so far, being a Mom still is the most honourable one! It is a glorious occupation!

Through the journey of motherhood I grew and matured as I learned about new strengths I did not know I possessed, tiring challenges I was not sure I will overcome, and contradictory emotions I was not aware of. Like every committed mom we thrive through the dilemma of motherhood; whether we are doing it right or wrong. Like every other devoted mom we have guilt plaguing our inner peace. Like every concerned mom we are worried about what kind of future we are offering  our children. Like every apprehensive mom we want them to be ecstatic having us as their moms.

So to all the moms out there I say, “You are not the only mom who faced issues with her children. You are not the only wife who struggled at the beginning of her journey as a married lady. You are not the only career women who had to drop off her employment for the sake of her family. You are not the only teacher who might have failed in the eyes of her children when you did not know how to answer a certain question. But you are also the loving mom, the positive person, the cuddly bear, the serene parent, the caring teacher, and the educated role model. You are not alone in all of this. “

During this special month, I would like to take this opportunity to embrace each other for the fact of being women who are solid, free, loving, devoted, and mostly courageously ambitious.

Happy Woman’s day, Happy Mother’s Day, blessed are the Females out there!

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My 5 Most Annoying Parenting Situations

Parenting has its gratifying and reprimanding moments. It is a mix of ironic conflictions, unique experiences, and surprising challenges. In fact it is an endless story of every day happiness, struggles, love, anger, patience, emotions, and routine. Moreover, we need to endure those monotonous chores that could sometimes be actually annoying.
Personally, I do tolerate and deal well with most of the issues like fights among my boys, the mess they create, and other boyish endeavours. For example, I try my best to rationalize things with them, set specific rules which they need to respect as well as implement my patient attitude and character.

Similarly, I enjoy reading the same story for the twins as long as they both ask for it ‘again’. I even savour the loud noises they make while they all play together. However, what really infuriates me are the following parenting rituals – until now – which have the facility of painfully distressing my exhausted body:

  1. Diaper change:

The worst case scenario is when I am done with the twins’ shower and everyone is neat and tidy as we enjoy our dinner. Then, there is this awful diaper smell coming from one of the twins. So of course mummy needs to change it! It does not take me a long time to wash and put a new diaper. It is normal, with experience I have become super-fast. However, a couple of minutes later, we smell that same awful odour coming from the other twin! There we go again! Happy hour…


2. Bottle preparation:

I am in the process of weaning the twins off their milk bottles and using a sippy cup instead. Still, the worst time of having to prepare the bottle was around 5:00 am in the morning. It would still be dark outside and the house would be so calm and quiet. I simply could not continue enjoying my sleep in my warm bed once little Raphy wakes up ready for his morning milk bottle. I just don’t know how I got to prepare it with only one eye opened for all those months…

milk bottle

  1. Last minute change:

You might have an idea how much time it takes us to have all five get ready and go for an outing. I simply adore looking at them all neat and tidy standing next to each other. Yet, how could mummy come back to reality?  Of course, last minute accidents always find their way…. It is either one of them spills water on their clothes, gets a stain out from nowhere, or one of them falls down and tears his pants. So time stops again for us to solve the issue before we have to carry on with our plans. It is true it takes only a few minutes, but honestly it does bother me.

  1. Waking up siblings:

Usually, the twins sleep before the boys do, but we would be blessed if their boyish noises do not awaken their little siblings. How would you feel when one of your children wakes up the little baby who has been sleeping for almost an hour? I guess this issue will last for a few more years in our case. It would be easy if the twins slept directly after their nap has been disturbed, but sometimes they would just realize they are too energetic and active that they can play for the rest of the evening.

  1. Our bedtime:

The minute we think we can have our own ‘peaceful’ time and we decide to sleep, one of the children chooses to wake up. My eyes would be wet with tired tears, and my body is aching in fatigue. My partner and I start begging each other to get out of bed and settle the issue even though we realize we are both out of order. Does it happen to you as well?

sleeping baby

What are your most annoying situations? Do you relate to the above mentioned ones? Let me know by sharing your comments below. Hanging in there…


N.B.: photo credit online resources