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​Can’t believe that in a few days we will be bidding 2016 good bye and welcoming 2017.

How fast is time flying?! But then again what is time!? That illusion which man has created in order to organize life, work, events, and record history.
We find ourselves dragged by it, controlled with it, and even reassured within it.
Being the very punctual person that I am, time sometimes becomes my biggest enemy. I find myself juggling amongst my family, my work, and of course blogging.  I see myself that helicopter hovering around many errands, duties, and obligations. That helicopter with its propellers spiraling round and round in such a speed, yet making the best out of the time limit given. However, the good part of being that helicopter is the advantage of having the ability to stop in midair, take a breath, and reflect. I could observe my children, people, humans, actions, reality, life, and simply enjoy the present moment – forgetting about all those limits… those numbers.

In fact, I have never been a fan of numbers or dates. Still, I find myself attracted to the mystery they carry and the fact how ironically our lives roam around them. At that moment reality hits, and I realize that the only substantial time is what I have now. It is then that I come to digest the fact that the most meaningful struggle a person faces is actually Being in every single minute of life.
So for 2017, I wish you all my dear readers and awesome followers a limitless year  with all the meanings this word carries….

What are your reflections for 2017?

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Gift Ideas for Moms this Christmas

Ten days until Christmas and you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your mommy? Then I would like to share with you some of the ideas which I think will make her feel special and spoilt by her loved ones! Making sure that she needs a certain item or knowing her favorite hobby, will definitely make your search easier. However, the following ideas might give your gift a new differentiated feel.


Personalized gifts:

Honestly any personalized gift is a treat for me… This can include anything I need such as personalized mugs, bathrobes, planners and the list goes on. There are plenty of websites out there that offer this service with my favorite being etsy.com!


If you have been following me for a while, you would know that I am such a bookworm. Therefore, I always welcome such gifts with open arms. Make sure you know the genre of books your own mother prefers or discretely ask her for her list of books she aims to read (all bookworms have a list 😊)

Photo album:

I also enjoy looking at pictures of our family trips and reminding myself of the memorable events that happened. Why don’t you collect your cherished pictures with your mom? Explain what is so special about them and the nice memory you have of her on that day in a short paragraph next to each? I’m sure this will bring happy tears to her eyes.


No matter how much help your mom gets, I think we all could use a full body massage. If she can’t leave the house for any reason, find a home massage service.

Glam day:

Why don’t you book her a day at the spa (or a couple of hours if mama has small ones at home) for some mani-pedi and maybe a facial. This will make her feel rejuvenated, and reminds her of that time where she was only taking care of herself before kids.

During this joyful season, let’s make sure our mothers receive meaningful gifts that remind them how loved and appreciated they are by their family members. All mothers deserve to be happy and merry during this sparkling time of year.

Now tell me, what was the most memorable gift your children got you?

Inspiration för julklappsinslagning – Christmas gift wrap inspiration:


Review; My Gingerbread House

Our challenging Gingerbread Decoration was filled with children’s laughter, sticky messy hands, and a boisterous group of talented moms.

The children first had to write a letter to Santa describing their behaviour this year and then asking for their gift.


Soon enough, they started constructing their mouth-watering gingerbread houses that were freshly baked and brought in by C-bon Sweets. Each child had a separate box with all the items needed, as they tried to assemble the house together.


Some had difficulty in doing so, but a child’s imagination is limitless and they simply made up their own houses, improvising on their own a new design. Aren’t kids amazingly smart?


Others, on the other hand, succeeded in assembling pretty gingerbread houses and we had two cute winners who both received lovely gifts.


We ended the event by posing for a group picture and a raffle draw for one lucky mummy who received a beautiful chocolate box from Patchi.


Again, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for joining us today. You all did a wonderful job, and I appreciate your continuous support.


Thank you C-BON Sweets for those delicious gingerbread houses, Hacker Kitchens for having us and providing the children and their moms with vouchers, presents, and goody bags, Layane Emirates for always contributing in those beautiful gift items, and Patchi for the raffle prize.



Until we meet again I wish you all a marvellous and jolly Christmas.

NB: All the pictures of the event will be posted on the helicopermommy’s Facebook page.