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Change is part of life. Change cannot be escaped. Change is everlasting. And change is good no matter how challenging it might be! With change comes the positive side where a fresh embarkation is founded, clutter from previous years is removed, and growth is achieved. At the same time, different responsibilities arise, that unfamiliar beginning needs to be well established, and fitting in a new society calls for patience and observation.

Embracing any kind of change, especially those which we have taken upon ourselves, could be daunting as, by human nature, we feel helpless when we try to decipher how that change will affect our future. Questions like, ‘Have we done the right decision? Do our children feel secure and satisfied? Are we heading in the right direction?’ tumble on our heads making us feel the heaviness of our actions.

With our move to Muscat and the humongous change we have implemented on ourselves, came waves of unhappiness, stress, delight, relief, responsibilities, and solitude. Such tides have been inducing in us a variety of emotions and reactions. Some were high and comforting, and others were low and crashing. Psychologically speaking, that unhappiness results due to the fact that we are aware that we need to adjust to everything about this new life, yet the inability to manage our old habitual social activities, and fit in the new daily pattern leave a gap where only time knows how to seal.

As much as I knew that it is very important for me to sacrifice my career life and be present with my family to help them settle down easily, I also realized that I need to live for myself as well. I won’t deny that I terribly miss my profession and the time I have given in socially connecting with people in Abu Dhabi and Dubai through my blogging journey. But life goes on! That is why, recently, I have been listing all the benefits we have gained in our move, and in a way I am overlooking what I have left behind. Not that I want to forget, but I want to hold on to that period of time as beautiful memories which will soon become stories we lived and appreciated once upon a time.

By nature, and if you have been following me for some time now you might know very well, how positive I am – to the extent that sometimes I doubt my perception of things. However, this positivism has helped me before, and will continue to serve me when I feel alone – without the presence of my dearest persons around me. I am also aware that it takes a simple decision to lead a happy life, and that was my compromise!

For the sake of my husband and children, I wanted to reflect happiness as much as I could. Despite all the fatigue, the new responsibilities, and the house chores which I am still doing mostly on my own, I am trying hard to maintain my anticipation and cheerfulness. To do that, I knew I had to indulge in activities that would interest me and add up to my learning development. That is when I decided to take piano lessons. Oh how I love it! In fact, every week, I would eagerly wait for my classes, as I continue to practice playing the notes on a daily basis.

We arrived to Muscat, almost two months ago, and I cannot ignore the fact that there were some shocking realizations which we have experienced. At the same time, the warm and welcoming attitude we have encountered so far is unique. People, who do not even know you, would offer help in any possible way, making you feel supported and appreciated.

Yes, change is tough, and for some it might take more time to adapt to the new distortion. However, in my case, I knew that the sooner I make a constructive decision, the easier and more delightful our adaptation will prevail.

So dear Muscat; dear Oman, I am so ready to explore your beauty and explore whatever you have planned for us in this new settlement.

How many of you believe that change is beneficial despite its challenges?

7 thoughts on “Change”

  1. Great post rania!
    I too feel change is important! And we do what we gotta do for our family’s sake and even tho change can be hard, I think it’s a nice refresher, and makes you open your eyes to different light and makes you appreciate things more!
    I also love that you decided to take up piano lessons!
    I feel like you and I are a lot alike πŸ™‚ I too am a positive person by nature and sometimes doubt my perception of things because of it as well πŸ˜†

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  2. Rania, First of all I do wanna inform you that you did step on my bitter-sweet “pain” and made it bloom more challenge and strength.
    I hear you big time! I have always transferred my several and different moves into challenges and experiences toward happiness and better life lessons.
    Change is a motivation for me. Althought all the hardships and sadness you mentioned but I still love it and wanna do more of it till I reach that point of the ” I wanna settle” scream. I have lived in very unexpected areas around the world and have enjoyed them all but moving here to the States after 8 years of a serious agreement of settling in Dubai for the past 7 years was my biggest shock as I did not move to the read US where everyone might have dreamed about. But for 4 years now I am still getting more benefits than I even thought when I just moved; and there when I realized back that I have to keep my, by nature, positive attitudes and expectations way high and keep going and enjoy this path of learning and CHANGE.
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful and genuine post. My eyes were wide open shocked while reading as I thought I wrote it myself. Keep the happy spirit high!
    Much love,
    Rima Dawood

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    1. Wow. I want to thank you for your genuine feedback. You can’t imagine how uplifting it is to get such comments from people like you. Yes we all can help the Self by being positive and accepting change. I wish you all the best wherever you go. It is also very unique that we get to learn so many things and be exposed to so many cultures 😍


  3. I totally agree with you. Change is hard but it is always positive, if you are positive. I think that despite its hardships, change makes familial relationships stronger, you bond more and discover new things together as a family. It is true that i lived here before moving to Abudhabi, but coming back with three children was as challenging as coming for the first time. As you said, your positive attitude towards change makes all the difference.
    I am happy that you found a hobby, i am tempted now to unwrap our piano and play…..
    Always lovely reading your posts.

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