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Event Review; Piping and Shape Molding on Cupcakes


What a lovely and successful event we had yesterday along with Sally Cake Away at Wilton Stores! We really enjoyed discovering our talents as we learned how to pipe grass, mold soft delicate flowers, and form cute bunnies using icing, fondant, and gum paste.


Sally was helpful in guiding us through the steps as we set ourselves to some serious work. We had fun learning a few special tricks as each one of us added her own special touch to her art piece. Forming Mr. Bunny was a bit challenging, but with determination we had some cute results.


In addition to all the learning acquired, the ladies won many prizes and received plenty of gifts. Patchi, Layan Emirates, O’cocoon, Racha Halllak Photography, Nails, Borders, and last but not least Wilton Stores have contributed in showering them with those amazing gifts and vouchers.


Finally, each attendee left with a certificate from Wilton stating her productive participation in the workshop!

Well done everyone. You were such a boisterous group, and I cannot thank you enough for making our event such a success. You were all amazing, and I was delighted to see such hidden endowments amongst you.



Cheers to more fruitful moments shared together!

For more pictures about the event, check thehelicoptermommy Facebook page and tag your friends to learn more about what we did!

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Caviar Tasting – Emirates Palace


Last Wednesday, I was treated to an ultimate caviar tasting experience that left me marveled with the fulfilling rich buttery taste of caviar. With its customary royal host, the Emirates Palace along with AmStur Caviar cordially received us on a caviar journey inclusive of rare varieties and best pairings.


Nicholas Narsavidze Partner of AmStur revealed to us some insight into this revered delicacy. To some, caviar may seem intimidating as the fine pearls of caviar can sell for tens of thousands of dollars and scream luxury. However, caviar doesn’t have to be inaccessible as now you have the opportunity to try it yourself.


I strongly encourage you to join this unique delicacy where you can indulge yourself in Sayad’s Caviar Masterclass on the 20th of October. The Masterclass will be followed by an elegant four-course menu that includes fine caviar accompanied by bubbles and carefully selected grape beverages all for 450 ++ AED. 

I will not overload you with words, so I will let the pictures taken at the event speak for themselves.










For more information or reservations, please call +971 (0) 2 690 7999 or email




No Bake Biscuit Roll

For a quick and tasty dessert filled with nutritious ingredients I highly recommend the following recipe. You will need;

30 crushed tea biscuits, Leibniz wheat biscuit, or digestive biscuits (trust me anything works)
1 nestle can of honey kashta cream nestle
1TBS butter melted with 1 bar of Van Houtin chocolate bar (bain marie)


1 TBS honey
A generous handful of chopped pistachios, walnuts, and dried apricots


Mix all ingredients and spread over an aluminum foil shaping it into a medium sized cylinder.


Cover well and keep in fridge.
Cut in circles and serve chilled along with a berry fruit salad! (Optional)

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Review; Healthy Cooking Meals

Before the summer break starts and my family and I leave for our holiday, I was happy to organise yet another fruitful event held at Hacker Kitchens. Last Saturday’s cooking event was characterized by an active live cooking session, where the attendees were able to learn a couple of different recipes and prepare sushi burrito rolls!


Chef Thilan, from Basiligo, demonstrated and gave us exact measurements needed to prepare a fresh tasty Kale Salad filled with nutritious and healthy ingredients! We also learned how to prepare a healthy kid’s meal by using broccoli as the main ingredient. Finally, while listening to some salsa music, we rolled our own delicious sushi!


As the ladies asked questions, learned new cooking tips, and wrote down a few notes, everybody was cheerfully involved in the cooking session.

What I personally relished the most was when we had the chance to eat those mouth-watering plates!


I would like to thank you all for coming and being part of the event’s success. Special thanks and appreciation goes to Basiligo’s owner and team in providing us with delicious and appealing recipes, Hacker Kitchens for the venue, gifts, and warm hospitality, and Layan Emirates for always being my special support in all my events.

Until we meet again, I wish all those celebrating the fast Ramadan Kareem.



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Cooking Class


Join Thehelicoptermommy and Hacker Kitchens and be part of an active cooking demonstration ‘Healthy and Delicious Meals for Children and Adults’ with chef Thilan Samarakkody from Basiligo!
Date: Saturday June 4, 2016
Time: 10:45 am till 1:00 pm
Where: Hacker Kitchens – Google Map
Who: Healthy Mommies
For free registration:
Log on to Cooking Healthy Meals
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Flyer design @karenbaz


Fruity Chocolate Mousse

The other day I wanted to prepare a chocolate pudding for my kiddos. As usual the minute I started assembling the needed ingredients I came up with a new recipe. My second son suggested I add fruits and our creation turned out heavenly.


For the cream:
3 cups water
6 tablespoons sugar
9 tablespoons milk powder
5 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
Mix all the ingredients until dissolved and heat.


Gently add 2 beaten eggs along with vanilla and 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon.
Mix for a few more minutes until the cream thickens.
Set aside.
In a round plate dip tea biscuits into coffee and layer.
Add strawberries or bananas or even both.


Then cover with the chocolate cream.
Repeat until all the cream has been used.


Use some blueberries and strawberries to decorate the plate and keep in the fridge.
Serve chilled.
Bon appetit!

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Pancake Day – Shrove Tuesday

It is interesting to recognize how many remarkable stories are carried along with various types of food. Pancakes are no different from those nutritious foods that have been as ancient as any man can remember.

We always enjoy baking pancakes, and our children simply love them. Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is a traditional day that is celebrated 40 days before Easter where people have their sins “shriven” – released from their sins – once they confess. The reason pancakes were chosen was because they contain ingredients that were forbidden during Lent. Moreover, the implication of the ingredients used symbolizes four points of significance at this time of the year:

Eggs – Creation

Flour – The staff of life

Salt – Wholesomeness

Milk – Purity

This weekend I tried new pancake recipes and the kiddos simply loved them.


Banana Almond Pancakes:

½ a ripe smashed banana

2 eggs

Vanilla essence

2 teaspoons sugar

2 teaspoons cooking oil

1 cup of milk

¾ cup of almond flour

½ cup flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

Just mix all the ingredients in a blender.

We also added blue berries and chocolate chips while cooking them.

choco chipsberries

Serve with honey, maple syrup or even tahini mixed with honey; mouth-watering!

The boys enjoyed designing their own pancakes using some berries and pecans.

pancake designdany s pancake

Sweet Potatoes Pancakes:

½ a cup of smashed cooked sweet potatoes

2 eggs

½ a teaspoon cinnamon

½ a teaspoon ginger

Pinch of Salt

Pinch of all spice

sweet potatoes

These are excellent and obviously healthy served with some honey, or maple syrup. The twins ended up licking their fingers afterwards.

We can always modify our recipes to guarantee the fact of providing our children with healthy eating habits. It all starts at home and moves out to the outside world. Enjoy!